Sunday, July 30, 2017


But before I stepped into my luscious scented bubble bath I pulled up one of the six beige body shapers I own, the ones with the full back and scooped front which lays just below the bottom of my breasts. Wearing this causes my excess body fat in my chest creating some nice small breasts, and with my arms at my side pushing towards the middle of my chest those small breasts now increase in their size, a size any wavy blonde-haired, blue-eyed Adonis hunk wouldn’t mind squeezing or sucking on.

Once I got my entire body into the tub, I laid back; closing my eyes I began massaging the boobs I’d created, pushing them together every so often so they’d appear through the bubbles of my bath.  As I increased the rate I’d been massaging and squeezing my small succulent breasts I felt my cock throbbing as it got hard, causing me to masturbate with my right hand and continue massaging with my left.

Naturally, my cock couldn’t hold back any longer and gave up some of its cum. Being the woman I’ve been imaging to be, my right hand harvested as much of the secreted cum as it could. Bringing the collected cum up to, and rubbing against my lips, I longer could resist licking it off and swallowing the white stuff.

All good things must come to an end, and as the last of the bubbles began to fade away, I removed the plug so the bath water could drain out; and with the soap still to my body as I got up, I closed the sliding glass door and began to shower.

As I showered, I reached for the wash cloth to aid in wiping away the soap scum off my body; reaching my breasts I used both my bare hands to vigorously massage them. If you’re imaging my cock getting hard again, you’re correct; and when it did happen, my right dropped down to my cock, jerking it off, as my left hand continued massaging my breasts.

With my eyes closed, both of my sexes, especially my feminine side, began feeling a sense of sheer ecstasy, as my cock discharged some now wasted cum falling to the bottom of the tub.

(C) Kathryn Heart - July 2017

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  1. Sounds hot. Thanks for sharing.

    1. THANKS Sweetie for your kind compliment.

      If you're hot following my blog, I would love to invite you.

      Have a marvelous week enjoying all that you're doing.

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