Sunday, August 6, 2017


Stepping out of the shower I removed the body shaper I still had on, quickly rinsed it in some clean, cold water, and hung it on a hanger on the top of the shower door to hand. Naturally with some residue some the bubble bath still on my body I took a wash cloth to quickly wipe it off.

Wrapping myself in a think, luxurious, pink towel across my chest, I began to brush the long auburn-colored human hairs on my shoulder-length wig as I look at the bathroom mirror. I knew, if I’d ever want to go out in public totally dressed, I need to something about the hair on my entire body, especially my face; which is something I must do tomorrow.

With my body now dry, into my bedroom I went, pulled up a pair of red-colored boy-styled silk panties and another body shaper, after choosing a red push-up bra in which I place my pair of silicone breast enhancers I selected a red silk gown with a deep cutout v-neck to wear when I would finally go to bed; of course, I reached for a pair of red silk slipper to complete the ensemble I was wearing.

As I turned to go to the living room, my eyes caught sight me in the mirror and forgetting the fact it was me, being the horny guy, I am, I would die just wanting to fuck the woman I saw looking back at me.

Being in the hospital for the past week, I missed just sitting back in the cozy recliner I’ve got there, rubbing and squeezing both of my man-made breast. Closing my eyes, I would easily image myself being a woman having a real hunk doing to me with real gusto; something I knew as a closet crossdresser could only be an erotic dream I had on an on-going basis.

For some reason when it came for me to retire for the night, I decided to sleep to the second bed room I had; the one with the satin sheets and bedding, the one with the wide foam wedge so I could sleep with my head raised so my breasts wouldn’t go totally flat. The moment my head had hit the pillow that night, I fell asleep into the awaiting arms of Morpheus to dream of Jennifer Gayle, my erotic other half.

(c) Kathryn Heart - August 2017

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