Wednesday, August 2, 2017



Here I am thirty years old and
   I need to become a mother so I’ve been told.
But no matter how hard I try
   no guy wants to make the commitment so I cry
There must be a way to start from the beginning
   the only way I see is for me to be cunning
I’ll get a picture of my twin brother and it by my bed.

With it there by my bed I can set my plan in motion
   to find a guy and make him give me his devotion
I’ve got to be cunning, I’ve got to be bold.
A lie I must tell, and I must tell it well.
Using my brother’s picture, the lie will seem to be the   

Being a sexy looking goddess in a red dress.
I can lure any guy home and then into my bed.
When these guys say they fear of getting me pregnant
I assure them over and over that they can’t.
I tell them I’m trans and my before picture is there by
    my bed.

They look and they look as I cross my heart and swear
And then they take off all the clothes they wear
They suck my breasts as I suck their dick.
At the end into my pussy they ram their cock.
Depositing a lot of their creamy white cum.

Each of these guys always leave with a big smile on their
They’ve just fuck a bitch with no consequences to fear
   of their wives finding out.
For how a trans ever get pregnant with no seeds waiting
   for the sperm to come.
As for my luck, the third guy was the charm, and he
   knew I could do him no harm.
With my periods having stopped, I sit and wait for my
   expect delivery date.
All went well for about eight months, when
   with my luck, the third guy ran into me
His eyes popped out, his heart skipped a few
“What the fuck is going on,” you told me you were trans.
You showed me that picture, you told me a lie.
I was dying to be a mother, I didn’t care the child would
   have an unknown father.

We got on the bus,
He began to cuss,
Everyone was looking at us about our fuss.
“What are you going to tell your wife?” I asked being coy
“Nothing. Luckily, she died last week,” he replied with a
    smiling frown.

He stayed on bus, till I got off.
He followed me home, like a lost puppy.
He followed me to my door, which caused me to fall to the
I asked what gives, why are you still here.
I need a good suck, and you give the best my dear.

So, I allowed him in, and he gave me a big grin.
I helped me get naked, and place me in my bed
He got undress and laid down with his face between my
Being pregnant my breasts got huge, being laden with
     my milk.
My breasts he then sucked, and I began to lactate.

When the dear got his fill, he smacked his lips.
He got up and stood near me, thanked me for the treat.
Then he straddled himself just below my neck and across   
   my breast
With his cock in his hand his said “Open wide”
I knew what he wanted so I merely obliged.

His cock was thick, his cock was large
It was the longest one I’ve ever had down my throat.
It was so long that I almost gagged with it being there.
The rhythmic motion of its going to and fro elated me so
That I wet my bedsheet with my juice

My body went limp like a virgin from her pussy’s first fuck
I became delirious from what he’s just done
My ecstasy was like I’ve never had before
Before I knew it, I fell victim to his erotic ways
I didn’t want to lose him, so I blurted out “Will you marry me?”

Or course he was shocked, his was in disbelief.
With his wife now gone, he knew he’d be alone
He felt a commitment for what he to me had done.
Without any hesitation, he yelled out “YES”
And then immediately French Kissed me for the longest time,

Before I knew it, he said We must marry next week.”
“Let’s forget the church, let’s do it in City Hall.”
“This baby needs a father, before he gets born.”
There was no way I could disagree.
Now I’ve got two babies, one came out of pussy, one wants
   at least part of him to get back in.

© Kathryn Heart – August 2017

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