Friday, March 31, 2017



Only a few days ago when I had gotten my steamier erotic side release from my sweeter alter ego I only had one endeavor I was working on, my debut erotic novella entitled, "The Transformation." And up to a few hours ago I had increase my number of erotic writing endeavors to three, adding "The Billionaire's Rehab" and "Your Hubby-Sitting Company."
As I sat at my computer trying to find one/two more erotic FaceBook groups to join when all of a sudden I happen upon "Erotic Haiku." The interesting thing is my sweet side enjoys writing three Haikus in response to a prompt word received through an email.

Not wanting my erotic self to be undone, I tried my hand at writing three erotic ones to the same prompt word of "DOOR." I liked what I saw and asked to join the group I've just found. And while watching "Family Guy" steaming on Netflix as I ate my lunch it hit me that I should write an entire book of between 250-300 Erotic Haikus and so far I've written nine. As soon as I get the approval to join the Erotic Haiku group I found on FaceBook, I'm going to post some of my endeavors here.

I can't believe I've already gotten four ideas for my erotic writing endeavors, now the only thing I'll need to do now is to get the funds to self-publish my debut erotic endeavor so I can publish all of my other endeavors.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Hi Sweeties,

With just over 52% of my debut erotic shapeshifting novella, “The Transformation,” I felt the time has come for me to post the first of what is going several unedited snippets for this endeavor. I’d love to read your feedback, so please don’t be shy.

One day my Mom finally got around to telling me about the events surrounding my birth. She told me that on one ill-fated night as she waited for her ride home she got kidnapped by a notorious motorcycle gang who gang-raped her in a dark secluded alley several blocks away from her client’s fashionably chic neighborhood.

When the police arrived and found her, all they saw had been a semi-conscious, well-dressed professional woman who had her pantyhose and thong pulled down on her legs. They never had a single indication nor would they have ever guessed anything about her actual entrepreneurial career. To them she seemed to be a just woman who had unfortunately been the victim of her gorgeous figure and angelic face.

“Can you tell me what happened?” questioned the young officer at the scene.

“All I can remember is leaving my date’s loft apartment, going downstairs to wait for the limousine ride he’d just phoned for.”

“Anything else?”

“After waiting about three minutes I heard the sound of several motorcycles approaching. I then felt myself being grabbed from behind by someone, while someone else then reached under my blouse and repeatedly squeezed my breasts; as a third masked individual placed a heavy leather hood over my head without any eyeholes before placing me in a motorcycle sidecar.”

“Sarge. It looks The Bald Knights have struck again.”

“Bald Knights?” inquired Blossom.

“Yes. They’re a motorcycle gang from Franklin County who like to come down here to rape beautiful women like you.”

(c) Kathryn Heart - 2017

Sunday, March 26, 2017


After several years of attempting to write an adult Contemporary romance novel without any success I finally took the advice of a fellow romance author and wrote a sweet MG/YA Paranormal Romance novel entitled "I Kissed a Ghost."

I then returned to rewriting my failed attempt and now I'm about 85% finished writing it. Along the I found up compiling an anthology of 100 Flash Fictions, which I wrote to keep the creative juices following inside those little grey cells of my mind and to fight off the dreaded author's condition known has writer's block. I called this endeavor "Micro Fiction - An Anthology" since the vast majority of the collection only contain five sentences, and all of which had been written in response to a prompt word from a now defunct website.

In August 2014 I began to read/review books and as 03/23/17 I've read 519 books and my Amazon Review Ranking is 2,110. It is during this time that I got my first taste of erotic romance stories, something I've had always avoided because of the sweet type of person I am.  All this had been done under my pen name of Robin Leigh Morgan.

But with just over 52% written for my first erotic novella, and ideas for two more [with 3 pages already written for one] I felt the time had come for me to break loose from old pen name, and get reborn as Kathryn Heart - Erotic Romance Author.