Monday, May 8, 2017


I've just released the paperback edition of my first erotic endeavor, "Haiku Becomes Erotic," which is a collection of 250 erotic haikus. And the book is available right now on Amazon,

I've also approved the release for the KINDLE edition which should become available in a day, along with this should be its availability as a KINDLE Unlimited download.

If you look at the right you'll see the RaffleCopter I'm doing with my "mother." Enter it for an opportunity to win a KINDLE copy of one of our books. Click on the arrows under the visible prize to see the rest of the available prizes.

While you're here I now I’d love to have your support for my "Mom's" THUNDERCLAP campaign:  !!!  :-) :-) :-) 

THANKS for coming by and the best of luck in winning the RaffleCopter giveaway !!!  :-) :-) :-) 



Hi My Sweeties

For the past week I'm just relaxed, waiting for the completion of the KINDLE conversion by CreateSpace for my first erotic endeavor, a collection of 250 erotic haikus entitled "Haiku Becomes Erotic." This allowed my sweeter side, my "Mom" to catch up her reading/reviewing of books, and her own writing endeavors.

The conversion process should be completed tomorrow or at least by Wednesday, Once it's completed, I'll release it and as well as adding the distribution channels for the print copy which will release it. I've got to warn you that the haiku in this book gets to be quite sexually explicit, so it's not for the faint of heart.

The moment the book has been release I'm planning a release party for it on FaceBook for a few days, along with my "Mom," where we'll be giving away KINDLE copies of all of our books and hoping to get reviews for them.

Hopefully, after the release party, if all goes well, I plan to begin interviewing my fellow erotic writing "sisters" in my dungeon. I'll let you know when I'm ready to start.

Until then have a wonderful week doing all of the erotic things you love to do, like reading a good erotic book that might wet your panties, like I'm planning to do this afternoon.

O X O X O X 

Monday, May 1, 2017


Hi Sweeties,

I'm moving right along with the release of my first erotic endeavor "Haiku Becomes Erotic."  I received the three PROOF copies I'd ordered; and while an slight error had occurred regarding the cover, partly due to my haste in wanting to get this endeavor released, I've decided to go with the "error" as is since the cover merely has the title and my name. I've order the KINDLE conversion through CreateSpace, which is where I'm self-publishing my book. 

In order for me to facilitate my being able to have both the paperback and KINDLE editions being release as close to each other as possible, I'm holding back on entering my distribution channels on CreateSpace until the KINDLE conversion has been completed and it's available for purchase. Once "Haiku Becomes Erotic" I'm planning to giveaway a signed copy of one of my PROOFS on GoodReads [US only], as well as a release party on FaceBook,

My first erotic novella, "The Transformation" is about 82% completed and since I haven't laid eyes on it for just over two weeks, I feel I need to do my first re-read and self-editing project, Since I like the way my Erotic Haiku seems to have turned out, I've created a spreadsheet which is going to keep track of my writing a volume TWO. I'm planning to write just one new erotic haiku per day, which will take me to the middle of December to complete.

With all the time I've spent on my erotic endeavors, I haven't allowed my sweeter writing side, my "Mom," any time to do any reading/reviewing of books, or to work on any of her own endeavors. Hoping now, with the release of my first endeavor, I'll be able to balance my time with my "Mom's."  I know it seems kind of weird, my calling my sweeter side my "mother" but I don't what else to call "her" since "she" did allow me to come out of hiding after all these years, and so in essence had given "birth" to me.

With Mother's Day being here in 14 days, I'd love to go out to eat with my dear OH on both days of the weekend; Indian food or Chinese Dim Sum on Saturday and our favorite Italian restaurant on Sunday, we'll probably do a late lunch to avoid the hectic dinner-time onslaught for dinner.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


The MOST IMPORTANT thing that's happening with me since last week is that I've completed compiling my collection of 250 Erotic Haikus, I've created the front and back covers. I then set up my book to be self-published through CreateSpace. I uploaded ALL of my files, they successfully completed the process they've got in place to make sure there's no inherent issues which might present a problem when the book gets printed. I'm now waiting to received the print PROOF copies I've ordered.  Once I've received them, inhaled the luscious aroma of the fresh ink on the pages, I'm ordering the KINDLE conversion. 

And then it's my BIG DAY, the BIG DAY when I released my first erotic endeavor. I'm planning on doing a GoodReads giveaway, perhaps a Rafflecopter drawing,

I've decided to do my first re-read and self-editing process on my first erotic novella endeavor, "The Transformation," which is currently about 82% completed.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


To week’s prompt from HAIKU HORIZONS is “DROP” [] And here are
my three EROTIC responses.

Drop your pants, I’ll knee
I must meet Mister Johnson
Make sure he’s for real

Little fingers dance
Dancing across my sweet clit
Hoping they’ll drop in

His penis rose up
Her panties got dropped to floor
Her moans will soon start

Monday, April 17, 2017


Well here I am, week three of my existence and I believe I’ve done quite a bit.

I’ve start the self-publishing process for my collection of 250 Erotic Haikus on CreateSpace, the most respected of any of the self-publishing sites, by listing it as a new project. CreateSpace is great as it allows you to work at your own pace, putting each component of your book when you’re ready to do it. This meant I had to give a title to this endeavor which I’m calling “Haiku Becomes Erotic.” Today is my final review day for the entire book, and once I’ve completed my review, I can upload this final draft to CreateSpace; replacing the one I currently have there. I had uploaded a rough draft to see how the book’s interior will actually look like. When you upload the interior file, the CreateSpace program scans the file to alert you to any issues there might be, I had about three which have all been corrected. Barring any unforeseen circumstance I should be able to order a PROOF COPY for this book by the end of the end.

As for my debut erotic romance novella, “The Transformation,” I’ve added an additional 7.5% towards its projected completion, With all the work I’ve done on my Haiku endeavor, I saw the need to take time out to tighten up what I’ve already written, and with having a better idea where this endeavor is going I found the need to totally rewrite the first two pages, and I anticipate it’s going to take me about 10 days to complete, as I’ve got to let the sweeter side of me do  what it needs to do regarding its own writing and other endeavors.

“The Billionaire’s ReHab” is now definitely on the back burner. In addition, believe it or not, I’ve actually began to write the next volume of “Haiku Becomes Erotic – Volume 2;” and given that I’m in no rush to complete this, I’m planning to write one Erotic Haiku a day; which should take me until the middle of December to finish.

With all the Erotic Haikus I’ve been writing and plan to write, I’ve decided to self-proclaim myself as the “Queen” of Erotic Haikus -  LONG WRITE THE “QUEEN” !!!

Monday, April 10, 2017


Well yesterday has made it two weeks that this steamier, erotic side of me has been allowed to exist on my own. I can't tell you how grateful  I am that the sweeter side of me had finally decided to, for want of a better description, give "birth" to me; so therefore I'm probably to have to call "her" my "mother."

Now, that I've gotten this formality out of the way, I can't believe how much I've already accomplished: I've got my blog up and running here, but so far I can't seem to get my image up on WordPress and I won't be blogging there until I do; I'm up on Twitter and on FaceBook [where I've already joined a handful of groups; and lastly I've got my profile up on GoodReads.

As far as my writing endeavors are going: my debut erotic novella "The Transformation" has added about 7% towards its completion; and surprisingly I've already completed compiling the 250 erotic haikus I'd planned to do, have completed my first round of self-editing [finding about 100 changes] and have begun my second round. So barring any unforeseen circumstances I should be able to release it in around two weeks, depending on how fast I can get the proof copy in my hands and to be able to smell the luscious aroma of the fresh ink on its pages.

As I look at my ideas for two more erotic novella endeavors, my mind's having difficulties in coming up with enough material to write "The Billionaire's ReHab" successfully so unto the back burners of my mind it goes until such time I do.