Sunday, September 17, 2017


Before I could think of anything else she pounced from her position and was now laying across my anticipatory

Oh yes! I can feel her skillfully twirling my balls between her ivory fingers just like you’d do with a pair of Japanese Worry Balls, and squeezing them ever so gently from time to time. I can already sense her giving me the best blowjob of my life.

After a few minutes she stopped, twitching her attention to jerking off on the shaft of my cock with an unbelievable rhythm; and as it got hard she placed her ruby red lips over my cock’s head licking and ever so gently biting down on it until I could no longer hold back my cum from wanting to burst out and fill her mouth.

When it did, she merely lapped it up like a cat lapping up a saucer of milk, after which she swallowed it like some of her favorite flavor of ice cream. Her mouth then tightly rode up and down the entire length of my cock as far down as it could go, swallowing any additional cum which would come her way.

Liz knew precisely what to do and how to do it, better any other woman I’ve ever gotten a blowjob from. And if I didn’t know any better, I would have thought she’d been born a guy. But with her ivory skin, gorgeous figure, flawless sweet angelic facial features, there was no way this could ever be possible.

Once she finished working on my still throbbing cock, she moved on to licking my salty sweating body, only stopping at my chest to feverishly suck my nipples which grew from being excited from the presence of her mouth.

I can’t believe how horny she’s making me feel. I feel a king having his queen kneeling in front of his legs spread wide apart, going after his rod like a candy cane.

I was now counting the moments until her mouth would reach my lips so we could engage in some outrageously hot French Kissing.

(c) Kathryn Heart - September 2017

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Saturday, September 9, 2017


As I laid in the bed waiting for her to start doing it to me, Liz of all things decided to take a shower; yes, a shower. While it might have seen like an outrageous thing to do, I believe she had an alternative motive reason for doing. For before she got to the bathroom she turned the free-standing, full-length, antique mirror she had in the bedroom, so I could see the shower stall from where I was lying.

When she stepped into the shower stall she didn’t close its door which gave me an unobstructed view of her outrageously gorgeous ivory-skinned body and black shoulder-length hair. She reached for a nearby red loofah sponge, and squeezed some liquid soap onto it before starting to slowly spread the soap all over her arms and legs, followed by her back with a long shower brush.

With only the front part of her body left to do, and the brush and sponge got placed on the small hanging shower shelf, Liz squeezed some soap into her hands and proceeded to sensuously massage her breasts, pushing them together, lifting them up from beneath; which caused me to react as if I had been washing them.

She then moved on to her pussy, where she teased it her fingertips; and with one hand spreading the lips apart, her fingers went probing into her cunt.

Stop doing this. It should have been my fingers down there and my hands should have been washing your breasts. Damn you’re a fuckin’ tease, aren’t you, causing me to cum and no place to go except into my hand.

The only thing left for me to do with this spent cum is to allow JennyGayle to have her first taste of this stuff. JennyGayle is only supposed to be my closet crossdressing personae, but if she likes it, I might start thinking of letting her go outside; that’s provided I can get my weight down to 160, which had been my wife’s weight when we got married and my makeup skills improve enough so I can create a flawless feminine image.

Damn this stuff has a great feel in my mouth, kind of gooey; so, let me swallow it before it might turn into a liquid. In my earlier teen days, I’d thought I was gay, but only participated in kissing other guys. Kissing felt quite comfortable as a guy, so I can only imagine what it would be like if I was a woman. Me, as a woman, that’s something I might consider start dreaming about.

Having these thoughts distracted me from keeping my eyes on Liz; for she’s now standing at the front of the bed, finishing drying her cunt and breast and making my mouth water wanting to go after these two items. Liz went to the nearby vanity, dropped her towel on the floor before spraying some enticing perfume all over her body.

At last, finally, she’s at the foot of the bed with one knee on the bed, as she prepares to lay her naked body across mine. I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do first to please my sexual desires.

(C) Kathryn Heart - September 2017 

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Sunday, September 3, 2017


Since her apartment is a reversal of what I’ve got, I know there’s no other room abutting her master bedroom except my own; and with the other end of our apartments being almost seventy-five feet away, no one who could hear the moans she’d be making in a matter of moments.

I literally hurled myself unto her bed, laying with my face right between her succulent breasts. As soon as this happened my lips ahead towards the nipple on her left breast and began sucking it like a baby who hasn’t gotten any mother’s milk in eight hours; while the fingers of my right began teasing the entrance to her divine pussy.

When I’d gotten some of her mother’s breast milk into my mouth I stopped; immediately noticing her nipple had more than doubled in size.

She must have enjoyed her man-baby nursing on her breast for the moment I stopped Liz said, “Fuck me Jerry. Fuck me harder, harder than you’ve ever fucked a woman before.”

Hearing this without any hesitation I had my huge throbbing boner going in and out of her dribbling juice wet pussy, keeping in time with the music from the CD player she’d turned with the remote now lying on the floor.

“Com’ on Jerry I know you’re holding back on me. I want ALL you can give me.”

I increased the tempo in which my cock had been thrusting itself in and out of her cunt into high gear.

I don’t know how much more I can fuckin’ give her. My boner is beginning to ache something fierce.

“You’re damn good. You’re even far better than my late husband of three years, who fucked me every night we were married.”

Once my erection petered out I immediately lunged my face at right breast and began sucking it hard, just like I did with her left breast. Once she’d awarded me with her mother’s milk for the second time, I stopped, noticing her nipple had again doubled in size.

With my face still hovering over her breasts, I moved it lower so my huge tongue could creep along her salty ivory skin, giving a tongue bath as it moved towards her ruby red lips for some well-deserved French Kissing.

As with all good things they must come to an end, so after about an hour, I couldn’t keep my sexual prowess going with a break. I stopped and simply turned to lay on my back to await what Liz would now give me in return for what I’ve just given her.

(C) Kathryn Heart - September 2017

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Sunday, August 27, 2017


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Here are the three erotic Haiku responses I left for this week’s prompt word on the Haiku Horizons website www.HaikuHorizons[dot]wordpress[dot]com

This week’s prompt from the site is “SAFE“

Sweet leonine boy
My legs pull you in safely
Awaiting your cock

In my bed, lay still
Awaiting my cock’s approach
Worry not, you’ll be safe

Virgin’s still afraid
Afraid he’ll go too far, and
Can’t recall “safe word”

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“Hi there handsome, I’m your new neighbor. I just moved in this morning. My name is Elizabeth Leah Jenkins, but you can just call me, Liz, everyone else does.”

“My name is Jerimiah Garth Adams, but just call me Jerry.”

I can’t believe how fuckin’ hot she looks because I can feel my cock enlarging and throbbing just wanting to get into what must a super-hot pussy. I’ve just to find out if another cock has already taken claim to it, and I’ve got to do it in a nonobvious manner.

“May I ask if you’re living with anyone,” I inquired cautiously.

“I not. My dear hubby died about two months ago, his relatives got his properties and everything else, leaving me with his money. And how about you?”

I could see her eyes, trying to hold back tears, she’s missing him dearly and would just love to have someone fuck her, and fuck her hard.

“I’ve been separated from my wife for five years now, but we can see anyone else we want to. She’s been able to find one guy after another for a one-night stand, but I’ve had no luck at all finding anyone even to go out on a date.”

As I saw staring back at me, her eyes running up and down my body, I then suddenly felt her long ivory fingers grabbing and squeezing my crotch as she said, “Why don’t you just drop off your bags in your apartment and then come over to see me. I’m going to leave the door unlocked.”

Oh fuck. I can’t believe this is happening. I’ve got hold back on my cock’s growing desire to let go an explosion of cum into my briefs, instead of her fuckin’ cunt.

I quickly threw the shopping bags on the floor from the doorway, locked my door and followed her into her apartment, and like a gentleman I locked her door behind me.

“Okay Liz. I’m here. Where are you?”

“I’m in the master bedroom suite on the left at the end of the hallway my sweet boy.”

Sweet boy. If this isn’t an invitation for some hot sex, I don’t know what is.

The moment I entered the bedroom, there she was, her naked ivory body lying on her back on the hot pink satin sheets, legs spread apart at the edge of the bed, inviting me and all I could offer into her gorgeous hot pussy.

“I’ve been waiting for you, my dear sweet Jerry. Why don’t you show me what you’ve got?”

Hearing this, I literally tore the clothes off my body and before I knew I had my throbbing huge cock going in and out of her now wet pussy. giving me an exhilarating high, a high I can last remember having with my wife on our honeymoon.

(C) Kathryn Heart - August 2017

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Sunday, August 20, 2017


Here are the three erotic Haiku responses I left for this week’s prompt word on the Haiku Horizons website www.HaikuHorizons[dot]wordpress[dot]com

This week’s prompt from the site is “TASTE“

A boy what he is
His cock is what a man has
Its taste pleases me

My cum’s a taste treat
For you to enjoy today
And forever more

She sucks my huge cock
As I lick my wet fingers
To taste her sweet juice

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(c) Kathryn Heart - August 2017


And if I’m going to be shopping for her needs exclusively it means I’d need to drive a few towns over so I won’t be running into anyone seeing me pushing around a cart full of feminine products.

The moment I got home I went to the ATM at the bank next door to get enough cash for my first real feminine shopping next excursion. So, with the cash in hand I got my BMW out of the garage in the basement of my building and took off to the nearby Interstate to drive 40 minutes in whatever direction happen to have been on my side of the road. With my luck, there in front of me, I saw a K-Mart in a strip mall the instant I’d gotten off the exit.
Not wanting to raise any superstitions of what I was shopping for. So, with a bewildered look on my face I headed for the makeup department.

No sooner than I started to look, I heard a young woman sales clerk ask me, “Can I help your sir.”

“Yes, you can. My wife sent me to pick up a few makeup items and like I fool I’ve lost the list she gave me.”

“Do know the shades she uses.”

“I don’t. Everything had been on the list I’d lost. And as far as her skin tone is concerned, she’s somewhere between yours and mine.”

“Here you go sir, a soft beige foundation and powder. I take it she’d had also asked for some red lipstick, dark brown eyebrow pencil, and probably some multi-color shades for her eyelids.”

“Damn you’re good. Thanks. I believe she also wanted me to pick some eyelashes.”

“If I was your wife I would probably go one which would give the fullest appearance. And here you go sir.”

“Thanks, Miss. You’ve been a lifesaver.”

“You’re quite welcome sir and gave a wonderful day.”

With this out of my way, I went to get some hair removal for my body and my face, makeup remover. I then got a new pair of black shoes, like a classic pump with a 2-inch heel, several pairs of large opaque white pantyhose, and a few undergarments, nightgowns, etc. By the time, like a kid in a candy store, I’d left the store with several three shopping bags filled with I believed would satisfy all Jennifer’s needs.

The moment I reached my apartment door a few hours later, I saw a gorgeous blonde-haired woman getting off the other elevator, walking towards me.

(C) Kathryn Heart - August 2017

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