Sunday, May 6, 2018


I know I’ve been MIA here for quite a long, long time; but with nothing really happening in my life as an erotic author I saw no real need of coming by, merely so I could do a post just to say that.

While I might have expanded my manuscript for my debut erotic LGBT/BDSM novella, “The Transformation” by 3 chapters, 10 pages and approximately 750 words; I’ve been in the same frustrating quandary of how far I should/shouldn’t go in regards to the protagonist’s torture of her now fiancĂ© since my last status report. But, luckily, I do feel I’m about to see the light at the end of the tunnel regarding this impasse, by having her devise some sort of false image in Matt’s mind of what she had him do in his French Maid roleplay.   

I know I’d mentioned I would start posting some snippets from this book where I’m hoping to get some feedback on from you guys. This snippet posting will now start once I’ve resolved the issue in the above.

I’m revising the questions I’ll be asking for those fellow erotic authors who’d like to be interviewed here. If that is you, please send me a DM to my Twitter account @Kathryn_Heart51.

Lastly, I’d love for everyone to check out my first erotic endeavor, a collection of 250 Erotic Haiku, entitled “Haiku Becomes Erotic”. And if you’ve got KINDLE Unlimited, reading the book is TOTALLY FREE. So, I’d love for you to just download a copy and peruse it from the beginning to the end, as I can use the funds to help me self-publish the novella I’ve mentioned in the above.

Monday, March 26, 2018


Since I’m still deciding what route I should take to get this endeavor self-published I’ve been moving relatively slowing in my re-reading/editing of what is going to be my debut erotic LGBT/BDSM novella, “The Transformation.”  Matt has proposed to Charlene and she’s accepted. Now back at his mountain retreat, she’s donned her Mistress outfit and has already given her new fiancĂ© his first slave treatment in the new dungeon he’s created down in the basement of his home. I’m now debating if I should keep what I’ve already written, increase/decrease Mistress C’s torture of her new slave, or take a totally new bridge to what I’ve already conceived as the book’s last three chapters. As it looks like now, I believe it will take at least two chapters after I finish the chapter I’m currently working on to complete this bridge. Right now I’m on page 110, and I’ve got 20 chapters completed with approximately 28,000 words.

After reviewing the formatting of about 20 books my sweeter side has read/reviewed, it appears I won’t have to worry about the page numbering nor the book’s headers of alternating the book’s title and my name, which eliminates a major burden I had weighing on my mind.

Beginning next month, I’m going to be posting snippets of this endeavor for which I’m hoping to get some feedback on from you guys, my followers.

Friday, March 16, 2018


Two days ago my sweeter side [Robin Leigh Morgan] wrote about the dilemma we’re facing with our shared WIPs endeavors ever since CreateSpace has ceased all of its support services for authors. After some long thought-processing, we’ve decided to forge ahead with one of my manuscripts, an erotic GLBT/BDSM novella entitled “The Transformation.” One of the reasons I’ve chosen this particular manuscript from the two I’m working on is that it’s going to be a KINDLE version only.

Going forwards with the KINDLE version only, I know that the covers [front and back] will have to be part of the file being converted to the KINDLE format. The biggest problem with designing the cover on our own would be to have the title and my name overlaid onto the artwork for the front cover; however, given what my thoughts for the cover design are, no such overlay would be needed.

The only issue I’ve basically got is for the formatting of the text pages, specifically to get the page numbers to start a few pages in. But, I’m going to check a dozen or so KINDLE only books I’ve got on my computer to see if physical page numbers are actually necessary for a KINDLE book.

Right now, since I haven’t looked at this particular manuscript or my other erotic novella entitled “Becoming the Bride’s Mother.” And if you’re thinking this one will be involving crossdressing and gender swapping you’re correct.

Regarding, “The Transformation”, I’ve already re-read and edited about 65% of the existing manuscript, and still need to write about 15% more to reach my projected total of 32,500 words. As it stands now, I’ve got 115 pages with approximately 27,600 words.

Going forwards I’ll be posting a few unedited snippets from this manuscript with the hopes of getting some feedback.

With the return of my working on this manuscript, the velocity at which my sweeter side has been reading/writing reviews will now be tapered back.

Lastly, I’d love to start interviewing my fellow erotic romance authors here. So, if you’re interested please send me a DM to my Twitter account[@kathryn_heart51] and we can start the process [first come, first served basis]. Be advised I’m only taking the first 10 individuals who respond.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


As you might already know, my first erotic endeavor had been a collection of 250 Erotic Haiku poems entitled “Haiku Becomes Erotic.”
[available as a print, KINDLE, and a KINDLE Unlimited download].

One of the things I’ve posted here a few times had been 3 Erotic Haiku poems in response to the prompt word on the Haiku Horizons website

Since the link I’d posted to my blog had been deleted a few times from the site, I decided to stop attempting to post anything else on the site.  BTW – my blog requires you to acknowledge you understand it’s of an erotic nature before you can enter.

So, picking up where I left off back in August 2017, here’s this blog post entry of 3 erotic Haiku for the word “EGG”  

Waiting to receive his seed
Baby will be born.

Mate killed in the war.
Our last encounter had failed
His frozen seed’s last hope

Two guys left their seed
One is white, the other is black.
Hope child’s one of each

© Kathryn Heart – 2018

Hi "Sweeties" - I'd love to read your comments


Hi “Sweeties"

I know. I know. I know I’ve been M.I.A. [Missing In Action] around here, and as for the reason; it can be seen in the beginner of my sweeter side’s blog post yesterday [03/05/2018] :

“With CreateSpace having ceased all of their support services, most important of which had been editing and cover design, in my opinion; I’d been left with four WIPs that I’ve been working on, and no non-vanity place to go to self-publish them. And since then, almost a month ago now, I haven’t written a single word in any of them. [Two of which are being written under this name, and two being written under my erotic pen name, Kathryn Heart.]”

At the of her blog post she wrote some good news:

“Lastly, getting back to my current WIPs, I’ve decided to move ahead with writing the least problematical one; one which I believe can be done using a very simplistic cover design, which I can do on my own. This endeavor is for one of my erotic GLBT/BDSM novellas entitled, “The Transformation” by Kathryn Heart; which I’ve last worked on back on November 22, 2017. At that time the manuscript has: 22 Chapters, 107 pages and approximately 27,000 words, leaving me with it being about 90% completed according to my estimates. So, starting today, I’m going to start off by re-reading what I’ve already written, and making any necessary edits along the way.”

Besides not have done any writing, I’ve been neglecting myself here and the rest of my social media sites; leaving me to do some heavy catching up. So, a while Robin Leigh Morgan, will have to take a back seat and allow erotic writing me some time to shine.

Sunday, January 21, 2018


Hi Sweeties,

Three weeks have gone by and my sweeter side has been monopolizing my time reading and reviewing books like the voracious reader she is. Anyway, I've completed re-reading my two Erotic GLBT/BDSM novellas, and I'm now committed to writing ONE page a day in one of my endeavors every day. I'd love to write more, but since there are no funds available to proceed once the elusive final period has been typed in a manuscript, I can't proceed with having a line edit done for it.

I'm been amiss in the writing of my Erotic Haiku which I'm now going to write one per day if I'm able to think of any. I currently have 65 written and need 185 more to reach my goal of 250. This endeavor would be the LEAST EXPENSIVE since I need only pay for the KINDLE conversion and the copyright.

I'd love for you to assist me in raising the funds I need to move on. If you've got KINDLE Unlimited, I'd love for you to download my book and quickly read through it. I'll get some funding and it wouldn't have cost you anything.

“Haiku Becomes Erotic.”

It would also help if would do the same for the books written by my sweeter side:

Thursday, January 4, 2018


Hi My Lovelies,

I know I've been MIA, but between with my sweeter side wanting to meet her 2017 GoodReads Reading Challenge of 200 reviews written [she won up doing 233 up from 2016 with 232 books being reviewed] and her wanting to reach a certain ranking on Amazon, I basically had no time for myself.

This year I'm going to finish writing my first two erotic GLBT/BDSM novellas. One title is "The Transformation" [which is about 90% completed] and the other is "Becoming the Bride's Mother" [which is about 15% completed]. 

I've got ideas for two more stories ideas floating around in those tiny grey cells of my mind. The first is for another GLBT/BDSM erotic novella for which I've already got a title for, "Your Hubby-Sitting Service." The second is an idea for an untitled reversal harem novella.

And to get these endeavors self-published I need to raise the necessary funds. So, I'd love for everyone to check out my first erotic endeavor, "Haiku Becomes Erotic" [a collection of 250 erotic Haiku] on Amazon;

Buying it would be great. But, if you've got KU [KINDLE Unlimited] all you need to do is to download the book and quickly read through it and it wouldn't cost you a dime.

As an on-going feature for my blog, I'd love to interview my fellow erotic romance authors....just send me a DM through my twitter account

Depending on the Haiku prompt word on the site I visit, I hope to write three erotic Haiku each week.

PLEASE don't be shy, I'd love hearing from you.

O X O X O X 

Kathryn Heart