Sunday, January 21, 2018


Hi Sweeties,

Three weeks have gone by and my sweeter side has been monopolizing my time reading and reviewing books like the voracious reader she is. Anyway, I've completed re-reading my two Erotic GLBT/BDSM novellas, and I'm now committed to writing ONE page a day in one of my endeavors every day. I'd love to write more, but since there are no funds available to proceed once the elusive final period has been typed in a manuscript, I can't proceed with having a line edit done for it.

I'm been amiss in the writing of my Erotic Haiku which I'm now going to write one per day if I'm able to think of any. I currently have 65 written and need 185 more to reach my goal of 250. This endeavor would be the LEAST EXPENSIVE since I need only pay for the KINDLE conversion and the copyright.

I'd love for you to assist me in raising the funds I need to move on. If you've got KINDLE Unlimited, I'd love for you to download my book and quickly read through it. I'll get some funding and it wouldn't have cost you anything.

“Haiku Becomes Erotic.”

It would also help if would do the same for the books written by my sweeter side:

Thursday, January 4, 2018


Hi My Lovelies,

I know I've been MIA, but between with my sweeter side wanting to meet her 2017 GoodReads Reading Challenge of 200 reviews written [she won up doing 233 up from 2016 with 232 books being reviewed] and her wanting to reach a certain ranking on Amazon, I basically had no time for myself.

This year I'm going to finish writing my first two erotic GLBT/BDSM novellas. One title is "The Transformation" [which is about 90% completed] and the other is "Becoming the Bride's Mother" [which is about 15% completed]. 

I've got ideas for two more stories ideas floating around in those tiny grey cells of my mind. The first is for another GLBT/BDSM erotic novella for which I've already got a title for, "Your Hubby-Sitting Service." The second is an idea for an untitled reversal harem novella.

And to get these endeavors self-published I need to raise the necessary funds. So, I'd love for everyone to check out my first erotic endeavor, "Haiku Becomes Erotic" [a collection of 250 erotic Haiku] on Amazon;

Buying it would be great. But, if you've got KU [KINDLE Unlimited] all you need to do is to download the book and quickly read through it and it wouldn't cost you a dime.

As an on-going feature for my blog, I'd love to interview my fellow erotic romance authors....just send me a DM through my twitter account

Depending on the Haiku prompt word on the site I visit, I hope to write three erotic Haiku each week.

PLEASE don't be shy, I'd love hearing from you.

O X O X O X 

Kathryn Heart

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Hi Sweeties, 

Kathryn here, just wants to give you a quick update for my debut GLBT/BDSM erotic novella, "The Transformation."

I've just finished reviewing and editing what I've written so far for the manuscript. As it stands now I've got 108 pages [my document is set for the standard 6" x 9" size page] and approximately 25,600 words.

With a project word count for the entire book of 30,000 at this point in time I'm about 85.3% writing this endeavor. I'm in no real rush since I still need to save money to fund the line proofreading of the finished manuscript and the rest of the self-publishing process.

I should be posting a new manuscript by Saturday,

Saturday, November 4, 2017


With my sweet being finished working on the re-released of her debut paranormal romance novel, "I Kissed a Ghost," I've finally returned to the writing of my debut GLBT/BDSM erotic romance novella, "The Transformation."

So far I've finished about 83% of a total re-read and editing of what I've already written. It has been such a long time since I've last looked at this manuscript, that I'm able to look at it with a new set of eyes which have never seen it before. I only need to read about 18 more pages before I starting writing new material.

Right at this time I've got about 25,200 words written which is about 84% of my projected end word count. Writing only about a page a day [250 words], barring any unforeseen circumstances I'll be typing that elusive final period by the end of the month. Once this has been done, I'm going to decide how much of the rest of the self-publishing process I'll do myself, and what I'll be willing to pay for; starting with the important proof-reading of the manuscript.

If you've got KINDLE Unlimited [KU] I'd love for you to download a copy of "Haiku Becomes Erotic" so you can help me raise the funds to have this self-published endeavor look as profession as possible.

THANKS for being one of my followers and your very generous and kind support.

Saturday, October 28, 2017


I know I’ve haven’t been around too often lately, this is due to my sweeter side, Robin Leigh Morgan, being involved with finalizing the re-released of her debut MG/YA Paranormal romance novel, “I Kissed a Ghost.” Yesterday, Robin, completed the publishing process for the KINDLE version which should become available by Tuesday barring any unforeseen issues.

Right now, I and Robin both have two endeavors we’re working on. I’ve got two GLBT/BDSM Erotic novellas, the first being “The Transformation” with the second novella entitled “Becoming the Mother of the Bride.” And Robin has an adult Contemporary romance novel entitled “His Darkest Secret”; and a MG/YA Urban Fantasy novella with a back story of romance, entitled “The Secret of the Well,” which is also a stand-alone sequel to “I Kissed a Ghost.”

And after much consideration, we’ve decided to alternate our endeavors and since Robin has just completed something she’s done, I’m up next and here’s the schedule for our endeavors:

“The Transformation” – Kathryn Heart followed by
“His Darkest Secret” – Robin Leigh Morgan followed by
“Becoming the Mother of the Bride” – Kathryn Heart followed by
“The Secret of the Well”- Robin Leigh Morgan

It doesn’t really matter as none of our endeavors can move on beyond the writing stage since we need the funds to do the editing, etc. Both of us need to some heavy-duty promotions for our already published endeavors. So, I’d like to invite to check out my collection of 250 Erotic Haiku, entitled “Haiku Becomes Erotic” which is available as a paperback, KINDLE, and a KINDLE Unlimited [so you can download and read the book for free and I receive royalties for every page which is read.”

THANKS for your kind support my Dear Sweeties.


Saturday, October 21, 2017


I know it's been an extremely long time since my last status report, it's not that I've forgotten it's because I've been involved with several writing endeavors.

My GLBT/BDSM erotic novella entitled "The Transformation" is now about 82% completed. I'd gotten to the point where I needed to transition from my first male protagonist to the second. I ran into a severe case of writer's block in deciding how to have the first protagonist killed off so I can bring in the second. I also need to create the right location to bring these two guys together which wound up being where Charlene Madison works for Mathew Regeis, and the circumstances that bring the yet unnamed second male protagonist.
The strange thing is I've already got the final chapter totally written in my mind.

Since I've never gotten any feedback for any of installments for my serialized GLBT/BDSM erotic endeavor, "Becoming the Bride's Mother" I've deleted all of the installments. I going forwards I will be posting snippets for this endeavor instead. 

I've written a short story entitled "Our Twins Came in a Box" which I waiting for the right occasion to have to it posted or included in some sort of anthology.

Since most of the erotic Haiku I wrote for a website has gotten deleted, I've stopped writing and posting any. The link to those Haiku had been to this blog, where you know you're told about the nature of this site before entering it. Going forwards, I'm going to get the prompt words and write my three responses here. Ultimately I going to attempt to compile a second volume for these erotic Haiku. I also might be doing some retro postings.  

Lastly, for the past few weeks, my sweet side has been involved with the re-editing and release of her debut romance novel which didn't allow me to work on my own stuff. And now with its release almost completed I'll now have time to work on all of my endeavors.

Sunday, August 27, 2017


Hi Sweeties,

Here are the three erotic Haiku responses I left for this week’s prompt word on the Haiku Horizons website www.HaikuHorizons[dot]wordpress[dot]com

This week’s prompt from the site is “SAFE“

Sweet leonine boy
My legs pull you in safely
Awaiting your cock

In my bed, lay still
Awaiting my cock’s approach
Worry not, you’ll be safe

Virgin’s still afraid
Afraid he’ll go too far, and
Can’t recall “safe word”

Don’t be shy.  Please leave your feedback on my blog. THANKS