Thursday, June 29, 2017


Since my last update I've been busy contemplating what I must do to increase the number of followers I've got on my all my social media sites without seeming to be overly aggressive. One thing I need to do is do open up to the type of individuals I'd want following me or for me to follow or follow back. I realize up till now I've been rather protective towards myself; so from now on, I'm going to be more open in connecting with people.

Given this. I'd love to find individuals, in the romance genre, especially erotic, who'd be willing to interview me for their blog or website. 

If anyone is interesting in connecting or supporting me in my endeavor you can find out more as to who I am and all of my links at: 

Saturday, June 24, 2017


It's been quite a while since I've offered up an unedited snippet from my debut erotic novella entitled "The Transformation."  With my needing funds to get this endeavor properly edited, I've slowed down the writing of the manuscript. Going forwards, I'll be posting more of these snippets more frequently; and when I do, I'd love to get your feedback.

I took Chuck by his hand and led him to my abode where my mother had replaced the regular bed covering and sheets, with ones which were pink satin.
All the other guys watched gleefully, knowing it would soon be their turn to get into bed with me.
“Com’on Chuck, stop dragging your feet.”
“I’m not.”
“Don’t tell me one of the school’s most popular boys is actually bashful, shy guy. I know what you want. That’s why we’re both here. Isn’t it?”
Chuck remained silent as his faced blushed with embarrassment of not wanting the truth to be made known.
I knew I’ll have to take the initiative with him as I slammed the door so everyone else would get the impression Chuck couldn’t wait to be alone with me. Once the door had closed I grabbed him in a fierce hug and planting a loud smacker of a kiss on lips and cheeks with my brilliant red colored lips as I squeezed on his crotch, feeling as his manhood quickly grew and got hard.
I knew Chuck would never have the ability to undress me, so I had him sit at the edge of the bed as I played a sensual CD and did a strip in front of him.
Watching his face continuously I knew I’d already satisfied any and all of his sexual fantasies, as I saw his breathing getting heavy and a distinct wet spot of cum developed on the pair of light blue jeans he wore.
I’m got to thank Mom the next time I see her for having trained me so well by making me watch all of those X-rated videos she rented. I know I’m never going to go into her profession; but it’s definitely a plus when a girl knows how satisfy any man’s sexual desires just by being with them and watching their reactions to any move I might make.
After about fifteen minutes I wiped my snatch with the thong I’d worn, got redress with a new thong and returned to the den holding Chuck’s left hand as he waved the thong I’d given him like a prized trophy with his time with me.              

(C) Kathryn Heart - 2017 


Hi Sweeties,

Nothing much as been happening with me. which is why I haven't posted anything in over three weeks

With a new computer, the only major thing I've done is to run through the manuscript for my debut erotic novella, "The Transformation," with the latest WORD program. This version of WORD's grammar check, not only found errors the previous version didn't, it gave better feedback with multiple suggestions for changes along with a better explanation for the error. 

My creativity seems to have shut down because I haven't been able to come up with erotic haiku at the rate I've done previously.

In addition, my sweeter side, my "mom" has decided to have her debut MG/YA paranormal romance novel re-edited, and is now in the process of going through the line edit suggestions made by the editor.

I'm going to be busy checking out my new Twitter followers, and responding to them if I've choose to follow them back, etc.  I've also got a backlog of FaceBook items I must catch up to this weekend. Having gone to STAPLES earlier to pick up a box of 6 1/2 x 9 1/2 envelopes, I now can mail out the copies of my first erotic endeavor "Haiku Becomes Erotic" to the winners of the print copy of  the giveaway I had for this book. 

I've also got to spend time on my promoting this book, because as you well know, books don't sell themselves.

And if anyone is interested in interviewing me for your website or blog, I'm available.

Friday, June 2, 2017


Here I am again with three more erotic Haiku responses to this week’s prompt word on the Haiku Horizons website

This week’s prompt from the site is “SUBMIT “

Mistress calls my name
I come and submit to her
‘Cause I’m her slave

I submit freely
That is what my Mom taught me
To get good husband

A slave must submit
To all of her Master’s whims
Rewards are sublime

© Kathryn Heart - 2017